Saturday Music Centre

Come and join in the fun with other musicians on a Saturday morning at Queen Elizabeth School. (Term-time only)

The Centre runs from 9.30am – 12.30pm and offers a range of ensembles for many different instruments and musical tastes.


We have a range of activities for students taking their first steps in music.

Mini Music sessions give children aged 5-7 the chance to take their first steps in music. Find out more

Junior Percussion is great fun for young students. From body percussion to drumming, students are introduced to pulse, rhythm and technical skills

Bassoony Tunes
The bassoon is a wind instrument and makes a wonderful hoot! Come and join in if you are 9-11 years-old (First year FREE). Find out more

Beginner Guitar offers students their first experience in guitar playing.

Beginner Bass offers students their first experience in the double bass. This leads on to string section in orchestra and bass guitars in one of our bands.

Luton Youth Show Choir is a new singing group for students aged 7-18. We combine singing and movement to musical theatre, pop, rock and modern classics. Find out more

Improver to intermediate (grade 1 – 3)

There are a large number of activities open to players once they have achieved grade 1 (or are of the equivalent standard):

• Training Strings
• Junior Funk
• Junior Rock

• Training Orchestra

• Rock B
• Musicianship and Theory

Intermediate to advanced (grade 4 +)

Rock A – The group comprises senior keyboard players, guitarists, bass players and drummers.

Brass Band – a great opportunity for senior brass players. They play a wide range of music, perform in concerts and competitions and even go on tour.

Funk Band comprises a senior level horn section (saxophones, trumpets and trombones) and a rhythm section (electric piano, guitar, bass and drums). 
Find out more

Youth Orchestra welcomes students who have progressed through Training Orchestra and other Music Service ensembles, or any players of approximately Grade 5 standard Find out more

Other sessions available

Music Theory classes are offered for students who are working towards ABRSM Grade 5 theory.
Junior Theory (Up to Grade 5)
Senior Theory (Grade 5+)


Email us, if you would like to come and visit
any of our Music Centre activities.