Luton music service works with schools and music organisations to provide the best possible music-making opportunities for young people in Luton.

Our musical staff provide whole class, small group tuition and singing activities in schools, out of school music groups and ensembles, and a range of concerts and other opportunities.

Our other partners are Luton schools, local music tutors and more than 15 music and arts organisations and national music education providers. Find out more about our partners.

The service is part of a local hub and is largely funded by a grant from the Department for Education (DfE) administered through Arts Council England (ACE) to fund our work around the National Plan for Music Education.

We want to inspire and support all children and young people to experience exciting, rewarding, varied and high quality progressive musical experiences, individually and with others.

To achieve this, we create, deliver and promote opportunities for young people to make and learn music, improve and develop the quality of music education, and champion music education.