Meet the Alumni – Liv Edwards

The Music Service has had the privilege of working with many accomplished young musicians from Luton over the years. We asked some of them to share with you their experience learning and playing music and how it has helped them in their careers.

Liv Edwards – Education Manager (Professional Development) at Kent Music

What did you study with Luton Music Service?

With LMS I studied Clarinet and Alto Saxophone.

What were your highlights?

Having such varied opportunities to perform in different ensembles for me was a highlight of being part of LMS. I love that I was able to explore Western Classical music through LYCB, LYO and LYWE as well as explore Jazz through LYJO and believe that these opportunities really made me the musician I am today. Being able to represent my home town in Music for Youth is a particular highlight too.

Where has music taken you?

I went on to study music at degree level at City University in London and since then completed teacher training. I taught music in secondary schools for 6 years which included being a Head of Music and Head of Performing Arts at two schools. Now I find myself working at Kent Music which is the lead partner for the Music Education Hub for Kent. My role entails creating bespoke professional development opportunities for music teachers. The professional development is aimed to support teachers with their music teaching practice, I love that my role is centred around music education and providing opportunities to improve music education!

What advice would you give our students?

My advice to young musicians is that find ways of exploring music that suit you. If you are enjoying composing and writing your own music, then give it a go! If you love performing, make sure to find ways of doing that and keep doing it!