Meet the Alumni – David Sear

The Music Service has had the privilege of working with many accomplished young musicians from Luton over the years. We asked some of them to share with you their experience learning and playing music and how it has helped them in their careers.

David Sear – Professional Musician

What did you study with Luton Music Service?


What were your highlights?

Getting the opportunity to play in such a wide range of ensembles in general was a highlight. But memories that really stick with me are from the Luton Youth Jazz orchestra tour to Malta.

Where has music taken you?

My musical journey has taken me to Birmingham, which I have now lived in for 8 years after moving here in 2012 to study Jazz trombone at the Birmingham Conservatoire. I love Birmingham as a city and I have made some great friends here, along with being able to start my career as a professional musician here. I pretty much solely play the trombone for a living, which is a dream job for me!

What advice would you give our students?

Practice as much as you can, but don’t ever force it to where it becomes unenjoyable! You want it to always be a fun and rewarding experience.

Listening to as much music as you can is vital. Training your ears happens without you even knowing (for the most part) and listening to good music regularly will massively help with this. Also, regarding leaving school and going to university, if you really want to pursue a career where you get to actually play your instrument for a living, I would highly recommend going to a conservatoire/music college. But this path is definitely not for everyone, so choose wisely and also give yourself lots of different options when applying for university.